How To Get Glowing Skin


It feels like a dream when you think of getting a clear, glowing skin. But this is not a dream anymore as Pansy Beauty has made it true.

Pansy Beauty Aphrodite Skin Brightening Night Cream and Hello, Clear Skin Multifunctional Facewash are packed with the power of the Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide and Retinol which helps to target the skin problems like hyperpigmentation, redness, milia, signs of ageing, under area and much more. Now you might be wondering about the application of the products. The application is the most important part of any skincare. So let’s dig into the process.

The very first step of the application is to take a pea size amount of Hello,Clear Skin Facewash in your palm and rub your palms together to activate the product & create lather.Now,massage the lather on to your face in circular motion and let it stay for 10 seconds.Wash if off with plain or cold water and pat dry.Lastly,us complexion soap in the same manner and pat dry. Viola! Welcome the brightened skin.Now talking about the application of Aphrodite Skin Brightening Night Cream, this Cream is supposed to be used at night only.Before using the Aphrodite Skin Brightening Night Cream,wash your face with Clear Skin Facewash.Using this facewash will help ik removing all the dirt from your face and will refresh your skin.You will see an instant glow on your skin after a long tiring day.

Now take a decent amount of Pansy beauty Skin Brightening Night Cream and apply it all over your face. Keep in mind that the texture of cream is quite thick, so don’t just put it on your skin it won’t help you in any way.Use the cream in such a way that it is get absorbed into your skin and is not just sitting on the upper layer of your skin.When you will be sleeping and dreaming about your glowing skin, the Pansy Beauty will be doing its magic.You will see instant change in your skin the next day.

To sum up, this combination is the solution to all your skin problems. Using these products for 21 days (depending on your skin condition) will make your skin look spotless and brighter.